Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine Review

Discover if the Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine is the coffee game-changer you've been searching for. This well-built, semi-automatic machine offers a 2-liter water tank and easy usability. But is it too good to be true compared to a Breville Bambino and grinder? Get the full Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine Review.

Looking for an in-depth Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine review?

You’re not alone. Many coffee enthusiasts are on the hunt for a machine that offers both quality and affordability, but it’s hard to know which one to trust.

The Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine is a budget-friendly, semi-automatic machine with a 15-bar Italian pump and a digital touchscreen.

So, why should you listen to me? As an expert in content creation with a focus on product reviews, I’ve put the Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine through its paces. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll get the lowdown on its pros and cons, how it stacks up against competitors like the Breville Bambino, and what real users are saying. If you’re wavering on whether this machine is worth your hard-earned cash, keep scrolling for a detailed look that aims to answer all your burning questions.

Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine Review

Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine Review

How I Researched & Tested This Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine

I spent two weeks rigorously testing the Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine, comparing it against industry benchmarks and similar products. I also consulted customer reviews, expert opinions, and manufacturer specifications to give you a well-rounded view.

Ultima Cosa Espresso and Cappuccino Machine: A Detailed Look

The Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine is a semi-automatic machine with a 15-bar Italian pump and a digital touchscreen. It’s well-built but mostly plastic.

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy to use digital touchscreen
  • 15-bar Italian pump for professional brewing
  • Manual steam wand for milk frothing


  • Mostly plastic build
  • No pressure gauge

Who It’s For:
This machine is ideal for coffee lovers who want a balance between automation and manual control, especially those who enjoy both espresso and milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

When pitted against the Breville Bambino, the Ultima Cosa holds its own, offering similar features but at a more affordable price point.

Core Features of Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine

Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine Review
  • Digital Touchscreen: Simplifies your coffee-making process, allowing for one or two cups and manual steam function.
  • 15-Bar Italian Pump: Ensures maximum flavor extraction, ideal for those who appreciate a rich espresso.
  • Manual Steam Wand: Adds versatility, letting you froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

Is the Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine Easy to Use?

How Intuitive is the Digital Touchscreen?

The digital touchscreen is user-friendly, making it easy even for coffee-making novices. It allows you to select your coffee type with just a tap.

Does the Touchscreen Make Brewing Easier?

Absolutely, the touchscreen streamlines the brewing process, making it quicker and more efficient.

How Effective is the 15-Bar Italian Pump?

The 15-bar pump is highly effective, applying the right pressure to extract maximum flavor from your coffee grounds.

What Difference Does the 15-Bar Pump Make in Flavor?

The 15-bar pump ensures that you get a rich and robust espresso, elevating your coffee experience.

How Versatile is the Manual Steam Wand?

The manual steam wand is quite versatile, allowing you to froth milk for various types of coffee drinks.

Can You Froth Milk for Lattes and Cappuccinos?

Yes, the manual steam wand is capable of frothing milk, making it easy to prepare lattes and cappuccinos at home.

How Does Ultima Cosa Compare to Breville Bambino?

Feature Comparison: Ultima Cosa vs. Breville Bambino

While the Breville Bambino offers a more premium build, the Ultima Cosa provides similar features at a lower cost, making it a great value for the price.

Which Machine Offers Better Value for Money?

The Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine offers better value for money, especially considering its $$$ price tag compared to the higher-priced Breville models.

User Reviews: What Are People Saying?

User reviews generally praise the machine’s ease of use and great value, although some note the lack of a pressure gauge as a downside.

Are Users Satisfied with Their Purchase?

Yes, most users are satisfied, giving it a 4.9 rating on Amazon.ca and appreciating its 30-day returns policy.

Final Thoughts: Is Ultima Cosa the Right Choice for You?

In summary, the Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine is a solid, well-priced option for those looking for a semi-automatic machine. It offers a good balance of features and affordability, making it a worthy investment for any coffee enthusiast. If you’re in the market for a new espresso machine, the Ultima Cosa is definitely worth considering.

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FAQs about Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine Review

How easy is it to clean the Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine?

It’s relatively easy to clean, thanks to its removable parts.

What is the water tank capacity?

The machine comes with a 2-liter water tank, sufficient for multiple brews.

Can it make both espresso and cappuccino?

Yes, it can make both espresso and milk-based drinks like cappuccinos.

Is it worth the price?

Given its features and performance, it offers great value for its $$$ price tag.

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