What is Lungo Nespresso: A Comprehensive Guide

Get to know What is Lungo Nespresso! Discover the meaning behind the name - "long" in Italian. Experience the rich flavors of Brazilian and Colombian coffee in this well-rounded blend. With twice the volume of espresso, lungo is the perfect choice for those seeking a light, textured coffee.

Let’s dive in and explore What is Lungo Nespresso coffee! I’m going to share everything you need to know about this unique coffee style.

As a Nespresso fan, you’re probably curious about the different coffee options available for your machine. By now, you’ve likely heard of espresso and wondered how lungo is different. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s the deal – a lungo Nespresso shot has a more intense flavor than regular coffee but is less strong than espresso. It offers the best of both worlds! The lungo method makes for an incredibly satisfying coffee experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down what exactly lungo is, how it differs from espresso, tips for making it, and delicious recipe ideas. Let’s dive in!

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Nespresso has given us a new way to enjoy our favorite brew with lungo coffee. But what exactly is Lungo Nespresso?

Lungo is an Italian word meaning “long.” As the name suggests, a lungo shot involves extracting more water through the Nespresso capsule compared to a traditional espresso shot. The result? A longer pour time and a larger coffee volume.

Here are 5 key facts about lungo Nespresso:

  • Lungo Nespresso uses twice as much water as a regular espresso shot, resulting in a larger coffee volume. (Source: Team Research)
  • The standard lungo pour size is 110ml, compared to 25-60ml for espresso. (Source: Team Research)
  • Lungo is brewed using the same Nespresso capsules as espresso, just with an extended extraction time. (Source: Team Research)
  • The water-to-coffee ratio is higher in a lungo Nespresso shot, creating a smoother, sweeter flavor. (Source: Team Research)
  • Most Nespresso machines have a dedicated lungo brewing option for simple one-touch preparation. (Source: Team Research)

Now that you know the key characteristics that set this style apart, let’s explore exactly what lungo Nespresso is and why coffee aficionados love it!

What is Lungo Nespresso?

So what makes lungo Nespresso different from a normal cup of Nespresso? Here are some key details:

  • Lungo Nespresso is an elongated espresso shot that uses the standard amount of coffee grounds but twice the amount of water. (Source: Team Research)
  • The recommended lungo pour size is 110ml, compared to the traditional 25-60ml for espresso. This results in a larger coffee volume. (Source: Team Research)
  • Lungo Nespresso shots offer a mellower, sweeter flavor with reduced bitterness compared to standard espresso shots. (Source: Team Research)
  • You can enjoy lungo on its own or use it as a base for lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffee drinks. (Source: Team Research)

The lungo method makes for a coffee experience with more body and complexity. If you love rich, intense espresso but want something a bit smoother, lungo Nespresso is for you!

Lungo Nespresso vs. Espresso

So how exactly does this intriguing lungo Nespresso compare to traditional espresso shots? Let’s break it down:

  • Lungo Nespresso uses twice the amount of water as espresso during the extraction process. (Source: Team Research)
  • Brewing a lungo Nespresso shot takes 40% longer than an espresso due to the extended water flow. (Source: Team Research)
  • With its lower concentration of coffee solids, lungo offers a mellower intensity and slightly sweeter flavor than espresso. (Source: Team Research)

While both provide concentrated coffee flavor, lungo Nespresso offers some enticing points of difference. The additional hot water tempers the acidity and bitterness associated with espresso while highlighting the coffee’s naturally sweet notes.

How to Enjoy Lungo Nespresso

There are endless ways to savor lungo Nespresso‘s rich, smooth flavor. Here are some of my favorite preparation methods:

Straight Lungo

Enjoy your lungo Nespresso shot straight – no milk, sugar, or other additions needed. Sip slowly and savor the aromatic, full-bodied flavor.

Lungo with Milk

Transform your lungo into a creamy latte or cappuccino. The milk adds sweetness and cuts the slightly higher acidity of the lungo shot. Delicious!

Lungo with Sugar

Add a bit of sugar, honey, or other sweetener to taste. The touch of sweetness works beautifully with the lungo‘s mellow character.

Don’t limit yourself – try lungo Nespresso cold over ice, with foamed milk, mixed into coffee cocktails, and any preparation you can dream up!

Lungo Nespresso: Brewing Tips and Recipe Ideas

Ready to start enjoying lungo Nespresso? Here are some useful tips and tempting recipe ideas to get you started:

  • Always use fresh, cold water in your Nespresso machine to highlight the coffee’s nuanced flavors.
  • For best results, store your Nespresso capsules in a cool, dry place and use within 6 weeks of opening the sleeve.
  • Experiment with different lungo-sized capsules to find your perfect intensity and flavor balance.
  • Add a dash of cinnamon or cocoa powder on top for a seasonal twist.
  • Blend your lungo shot with milk, chocolate sauce, and ice for a decadent iced mocha.
  • For a refreshing summer drink, combine lungo, tonic water, and lime over ice.

The options are endless with Nespresso lungo! Part of the fun is trying new capsules and concocting custom coffee drinks perfectly tailored to your taste.


I hope this guide has shed light on exactly what lungo Nespresso is all about. With its enticing flavor profile and smooth intensity, lungo adds an exciting dimension to any coffee lover’s Nespresso routine.

In short, lungo Nespresso is:

  • A longer espresso shot that uses twice as much water
  • Brewed using standard Nespresso capsules
  • Offers a mellower, sweeter taste compared to espresso
  • Delicious on its own or as a base for creative coffee drinks

So go ahead – experiment with those lungo settings on your Nespresso machine. Savor the aromas and sip slowly. You’re in for an exceptional coffee experience!

FAQs About Lungo Nespresso

Still have questions about this unique coffee style? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between Nespresso espresso and lungo?

Lungo uses twice the amount of water compared to traditional espresso. This results in a larger coffee volume and a mellower, sweeter taste.

Is a lungo Nespresso shot stronger than an espresso shot?

No, a lungo is milder in taste and has less caffeine than an equal volume of espresso due to the higher water content. However, the larger serving size contains more caffeine overall.

Can a lungo shot be considered as two shots of espresso?

No. While a lungo extraction uses the same amount of coffee grounds as a double espresso, the flavor profile is different due to the increased water. A lungo is its own distinct style.

What does “lungo” mean in the Nespresso machine?

“Lungo” is Italian for “long.” On Nespresso machines, the lungo button dispenses a 110ml shot with an extended pour time compared to espresso.

Is lungo coffee stronger than regular coffee?

No. The lower concentration of coffee solids in a lungo Nespresso shot results in reduced bitterness and acidity compared to regular coffee. However, it is more intense than drip coffee due to the high-pressure extraction method.

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